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Vanessa's Coffee Shop | Lake Nona & Saint Cloud, FL


Vanessa's Story


She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She grew up in a low-income neighborhood where she faced many struggles, as she experienced domestic violence in her home.

Her first work experience was at 16 years old at a Dunkin Donuts in P.R. She was so shy she conducted the job interview with a neighbor by her side to speak for her because she felt she did not know how to express herself. Still, she got the job as a cashier at the famous donut and coffee shop. Unfortunately, her father would sometimes come in drunk while she was working her shift. He would embarrass her in front of her co-workers and clients, but her co-workers always encouraged her to keep moving forward.

It was there where she met her husband Eliezer to whom she has been married to for 25 years. They promised each other they would own their own coffee shop someday.

Two and a half years ago, God granted her dream. There are already two Vanessa’s Coffee Shops in Florida.

Additionally, Vanessa is the CEO of HVAC of Puerto Rico and HVAC of USA. Alongside her husband, they serve as the Directors of the Missions Department of the Church of God Southeast Region.

“Maybe your childhood was not the best. Maybe, like me, you had to grow and develop in a broken home. Perhaps you lacked many essential things while growing up, but that doesn't have to be your whole life story. Every morning is a new day, and God has given you the power to choose to be different and break out of past negative generational patterns.”

"I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me."
- Philippians 4:13

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